by Ro Halfhide



First full album. Recorded and produced by M-JO and Ro Halfhide. Two tracks were produced by Joris Bijleveld.


released October 24, 2011

I did lots of stuff. But without my friends who helped out, this music would have been a lot harder to listen to. In no particular order, these friends helped me out...
Lucky Fonz III: piano, harmonica
M-JO: guitar, bass, drums, backing vocals, synths, piano, programming, organ, percussion
Reaganesk: slide guitar
Joris Bijleveld: production of #1 and #3, double bass, soprano sax
Erik Poorterman: drums
Noam Vazana: trombone
Fabiana Dammers: backing vocals
Dion Oudejans: percussion, bass
Jason Bunn: viola
Arnoud van de Berg: double bass on 'Maybe'
Herman Wolters: piano on #1

Special thanks: Everyone at the Amsterdam Songwriters Guild. Carla & Freek Jonkers for grilling me to bring the album out. Eva Ellingsworth. Bee Nelson. MassiveTalent. 3VOOR12. No Ninja Am I. Max VanRemmerden for the artwork.


all rights reserved



Ro Halfhide Amsterdam, Netherlands

Ro Halfhide is here to Spread The Love by helping to build a community of singer-songwriters. Ro Halfhide does that with his songwriting, the openmic sessions he organizes, and a podcast for songwriters.

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Track Name: Let them know who you are
My family it is Halfhide
And you can ask around
That name is also yours to take
And of that you can be proud

My name it is Louise
You got it written on your chest
There ain't not a single policeman
Who can deny I love you best

If you long for heaven's shelter
And you want to spend the night
Be sure that I prepared for you
A seat right at my side
All you have to do
Once you travelled up that far
Let 'em know who you are my friend
Let 'em know who you are

Let 'em know who you are my friend
Let 'em know who you are

A new friend sometimes tells me
I am worth my while
Even though I know this
It's been hard to keep a smile

Well the 1st thing I found in this thing my Lord
the message is coming clear
You should know the fear by now
You should know the fear

I was locked into your arms my dear
I was left into your fate
There's so much more that I would wanna say
But I love you every day

Well the night is coming close my dear
I feel you every night
I sit awake and I dream of you
I hope you hold a light

I haven't seen you around now
And I guess you won't be mine
Even if you won't be having me
I'll see you in the sweet by and by

Have you heard the mockingbird sing
In the still dead of the night?
He's saying:

Let 'em know who are my friend
Let 'em know who you are
Track Name: Maybe
Ro Halfhide - Maybe

If your love was a song
Then I would sing along
To the tune that you gave me
Maybe, maybe

Then the birds would sing high
When we climbed to the sky
With the love that you gave me

But it's so hard to sing to your melody
Play me some more
I would you play me?

Now I sit here at home
With your song almost gone
And the love that you gave me
Track Name: Bright Sunday Morn'
Bright Sunday Morn'

A part:
G C D7 G
Bright Sunday, white Sunday, light Sunday morn'
G E7
We could take a hike and have a drink or two
Am D7
It's a lovely day to fall in love with you
G Am B7 E
Bright Sunday, white Sunday, light Sunday morn'
C D7
If you go down my way
Will you see me Friday
C D7 Bm E7
Love you up until the end*
C D7 G
Love you up until the end

B part:
Am D7
We could walk in the park
G Em
Take a stroll after dark
Am D7 Bm
We could look in eachother's eyes
C D7 G
Staring in the moon so Bright

A' part:
We could go to Paris on a hispeed train
Or to Barcelona to avoid the rain

G C C#7
Until the end, etc
D#7 G#
Until the... End

A - A solo - B - A' - B - A halftime* - Ending
Track Name: Thorned Crown
My life now passes by me in second gear
Never took a chance now that's a shame
Always lived in fear, never get out of here
Gonna take the high road just the same
Just the same

Gonna take the highway towards heaven
This hell below has got no place for me
When the gates are shut, won't get stuck in the mud
Gonna raise some Cain for all the folks to see
Folks to see

And when Saint Peter steps down from his pedestal
And walks up to the gate to speak to me
I'll look into his eyes, make him realize
How this world is dipped in misery

- what's he gonna say about that now huh?! -

He said:
Son the only light I see is in your eyes
And you should know by now that I am you
If you close your eyes, then you'll realize
There's nothing more that I can do
I can do

I must have stood there long, it was getting dark
Saint Peter offered me to come inside
I looked into his eyes, then I realized
Heaven is just another place to hide
Place to hide

So the story ends, still in second gear
Like Adam and Eve I fled these gates once more
Took the low road down, headed back in town
Gonna live my life the way I did before
But with a thorned crown
With a thorned crown
Track Name: Swallow
Words can be like razor blades
Dashing through the room
I'm afraid of words
Spelling out my doom

But you won't swallow me
with your eyes of fire
No you won't swallow me
I wish that we could cry

When words get weighed on a silver platter
I never seem to get them out right
Words and eyes can be a deadly combination
When all you do with words is fight
Track Name: Church in the mirror
I went into a street and I saw a bar there
I walked up to the gate and I walked inside
And as I looked around, I saw your eyes were shining
And immediately I walked up inside

I noticed you across the bar looking
I thought that you was with another man
But as I wondered, I saw the other people turn grey
And I knew that I was there with a plan

As I looked up to your eyes for an answer
And I know that my heart is still green
But as I wondered, I heard the churchbells ringing
And I knew that it was my kind of day

Well some people asked, the song that you are singing
How many times have you been sung that tune
I remember it so well that I was learning it
I was learning it from someone like you

Well is there one little secret you should tell me
One key that can alter the clue
I told the girl there's just another person out there
Someone like me and you

I remember the town in the pictures
I remember how the door would open up
With the church... reflecting in its mirror
And I knew that I was up for love
Track Name: Patriot
Patriot, oh patriot
There's a heart on fire
Oh weekend patriot
So much left to desire
How I'd love to move around
Roam from town to town
But weekend patriot, you're still around

With your left hand carrying a knot
And your right hand carrying a flag
Look at all the things you forgot
Now there's no way to bring them back

Did you care for the beast that you killed?
Did you look it straight in the eye?
If you didn't, the I know you never will
Find the truth in each part of a lie


It's just half a day from Timbuktu
If you go as the crow flies
But lately, there ain't too many crows
So going there is not very wise

Now my teachers they tell me to learn
They never tell me to teach
I'm just a cigarette for them to burn
I'd rather spend my day at the beach

Now if you have a dream, then you're a rebel
If you have a heart, then you're not a man
Be the cigarette, light the fuse
Don't wait for others to say when

Track Name: Be Here Now
White rays are calling me in action
They're calling me, calling me today
I was alone for now I'm out of fashion
But the passion got me something left to say

White rays are calling me in action
White rays are calling me today
I know that I'm falling out of action
There's a passion in me and it's coming out to stay

White rays are calling me in action
They're calling me upon today
I was alone but now I fall in fashion
But I feel that I got something now to say

Be here now
For I don't want you in heaven
Track Name: Cousin Sally
Doing the rounds with my cousin Sally
Walking up and down every alley
She came over for a few hours
To watch the town

We hang over the Red Light District
Like some vultures on unusual business
I told Sally in a few months
This won't be around

Time's movin' on
Time is moving on
And much too soon
She will be gone

Took a boat trip through the canal
Every place in English, made it sound like well
We had been defeated
In some long forgotten war

The Brewers and the Lords and the Emperors
Don't forget the seven bridges of the Regulars
I told Sally about Brooklyn
Why it's not so far


I looked at Sally's face
And I saw her in mine
We seem so out of place
We must have missed a traffic sign
I know that we come from the same Halfhide
So if you please hand me your lifeline
Hand me your lifeline

We got back to the RLD
Sally and Vincent, Elfine and me
Walking up the Seadike
To look for a place to eat

The burned chickens in the windows tell
We must be passing through the gates of hell
Or we must be in China because
I can't read the name of the street


When your heart is said
And your eyes are blue
Don't even wonder why
You think of the time when I met you

When your heart is said
And your eyes are blue
Don't even bother trying
To say good times will tell on you
Track Name: Brother to Brother
Like brother to brother,
There truly is no other
Even though we don't share a mother,
Even though we don't share a father
Our parents are the same
Are love knows no shame
So if there's anybody trying to sell us a lie
Well let's just get back to the old days and sing 'No reply'

Hey brother,
This morning I had a dream
We were one again
Back together in our stream
I was holding you so tight
Had to set our hearts alight
I regret the day I betrayed you and said goodbye
So let's just get back together and sing 'No reply'

Our daddy was trying to give it a different try
He was getting tired of letting his dream die
You know who talked him out of it
Aunty told him how hard you could get hit
So if you ever stray from your own reasons why
Well I'll come on over and I won't leave until we sing 'No reply'

It's been a long time
Since we truly talked
It's been a long lonely road that we both walked
If we set fire to our love
I know that the angels above
Will join in on the choir with a mighty cry
When we set up our tent and start singing 'No reply'
Track Name: Down the Road
Down the road 2x
There are so many people down the road
With your head on the pillow
And a story that has been untold
Keep a hold of all your bridges down the road

Now this morning all you people
Woke up to the very same sound
Did you get its meaning?
This is what I found
Keep a hold of all your bridges down the road

That everybody's trying
To be a number too
But really there's nothing out there
Nothing for you to do
There's a whole lot of people down the road

But to sit here thinking
About what you have done
How you messed up your whole life
Cleared out of all its fun
There's so many people down the road

So it's time to get back now
To the friends you've left behind
See them out there dangling
Get back and rewind
Keep a hold of all your bridges down the road


I got nothing here to argue
Nothing left to spend
Please let me extend my greetings
To everyone I've met
There are so many people down the road

So here's to all you cowards
I met upon this road
I know you were only trying
To ease off your load
There's a whole lot of people down the road

Now come on all you people
Let's all join in sin
There ain't no time to waste here
Come on let's begin
Keep a hold of all your bridges down the road

To wake up in your own time
To really be free
To throw a party
Everywhere you'd be
There's a whole lot of people down the road