by Ro Halfhide

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This album was written and recorded in a week time, in Spring 2011 in Port Dickson, Malaysia.


released June 18, 2011

All songs written, performed and recorded by Ro Halfhide.


all rights reserved



Ro Halfhide Amsterdam, Netherlands

Ro Halfhide is here to Spread The Love by helping to build a community of singer-songwriters. Ro Halfhide does that with his songwriting, the openmic sessions he organizes, and a podcast for songwriters.

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Track Name: Be A Shining Star
Wanted to be please please pretty for too long
Hadn't you been noticed? - go up and face the wall
Wanted to breath breath up the lonely years
Now that you are over - say hi to all your fears

I will come along if that is what you want
You were suffocated I knew it all along
I will come along if that is what you want
'Cause that's where I belong, that's where I belong

I was known by you when only ten
I could not conceal that I was lonely then
If you were ever to come along with me
Haven't you been told that you were meant to be

As you could never be a shining star
I know that you are, I know that you are
As if you'd never be a shining star
I know that you are, I know that you are
Track Name: Swan Heart
I need a delegation into your swan heart (2x)

Oh when's dark, into town
I saw a nice little girl
So hard to be around
I hark back to her world
I see you in the red
I see you in the blue
Then I knew it right
I had something to do

But I need a little taste
I need to follow suit
I tried to remember
But I need you on the loose
You think you needed right
But part of me was wrong
You had me in the cables
Where I was all along

But as I know
I need a delegation into your swan heart
Oh no no
I need a delegation into your swan heart

So I come onto the road
I see you in the head
You think you are a toad
And now it's off to bed
I think you had a love
I think you stole your youth
You never seen the babies
But you know it's not the truth lalala
Track Name: Sea of Pain
I was alone and far in hell
with the things you loved before
now I don't know what time it is
but I think you wanted more

I was afraid you'd notice that
I was never ever late
you had this chance to get me now
now you got to masturbate

I had a fuckin' answer but
if you love me and I know
sorry that you would never get
the chance to fuck me hoe

so you were loving under her
as I try to understand
you wouldn't tell me these words now
do you think that you're a man?

I had a lover now I know
but she's gone beyond the shore
see now the blood is coming down
as it's dripping on the floor

I have this thing but now it's gone
It's a thing that belongs to the past
I used to know the man I love
but he - now he's gone I guess
Track Name: Rise Up & Start Singing
I planted a flower and now every hour feel down
Rise up and start singing
Woke up for hours, love is a power to count
Rise up and start singing

See, I was ready for love
I had to be sure
F# B7
I was loving but nothing but nothing but love
I was searching for soul
But now even more
Dm A+ B7
I want to mean something for others so

Planted a flower, some say for hours and more
Rise up and start singing
You got me now, and I've waited outside of your door
Rise up and start singing

What do we forget to know that
I love you no more
You will never be happy
If I walk out right of your door
Track Name: Who don't like that God?
I tell her: sanctify!
I tell her: glorify!
I tell her: you should repent
And God is heaven of all

If you find a flower soon
In the springtime it will bloom
He love the colors it will bring
He love to sing he love to swing

I tell her please glorify
I tell her you gotta sanctify
You know he's lord of all
If you're clever you'll never fall

He is the best friend you've got
And he will never let you down
He'll stick right by your side
In the dark he'll light your light

If you're in the midst of smoke
And you don't know which way to go
He'll tell you which path to follow
He will say: cast off your sorrow
He'll take you to the end of the road
Yeah, he'll take your hand and go
You see that he's the friend of all
You see that he will love you most

In the nick of time he'll bless you by his hand
In the nick of time he'll glorify his land
You know if you were to pass him by
Then you'll be alone and cry
And if you meant to break your heart
Then he will give you a brand new start

So if this stuff is true
Then there's only one thing to do
You put him in your heart
And make a brand new start

In the midst of time you'll see
That heart is all he be
You know that he's never left you
And your love is by your side - glorify!
Track Name: Hold Me Tight
I walked into this path
And never got a chance
Am G F
To reconsider your true loving
I knew right from the start
That you were in my heart
Am G F
But never thought of you above me

The night was thrown alive
Em Dm
You haven't seen my lies
I hold up to your eyes
And will you hold me?
- Tight

I need to find real love
I hope there's time enough
She comes with trumpets and timpani
Butterflies around her brow
Oh God don't shit me now
For I got so much pain behind me
Track Name: Ease Away
Bm A F#m G
Ease away, ease away
Em A
They don't know what is
Life's not what it seems
Ease away, ease away
They don't know how to feel
Life's not what it seems

Em A D D7
I am at my best friend's party
I must be 6 years old
Couple of weeks and I'll be seven
It feels like my future's sold

Talking with my best friend's parents
I can see him sneaking out
With his girl exchanging kisses
Em A B7 E
Don't wanna talk, I wanna shout

B7 E B7 E
Let me play, let me play, in your closet!
Track Name: Take me to your hotel, Johnny
Expat Blues
(It's hard to stay in a hard-stay region)

Take me to your hotel, Johnny
- Yeah
Take me to your hotel now
- Awww
Take me to your hotel, Johnny
We gotta make it through somehow


It's these hard-stay countries that are the worst
You know them places of which you never have heard
The beaches are a no-go 'cause of jellyfish curse
They start to get at ye, it's safety first
So I pull another Yuri in the swimming pool
Yes I should have better nicer things to do


Before the party starts they try to explain
Some safety rules that'll drive you insane
Don't hang around with the locals too much
Before you know it, you'll be losing your touch
So I skip the rules as I walk in the rain
If this is your game, then I ain't playin'

Johnny's a lonely Dependent
He gets bored every day
Is this just how his life might end?
Please God don't make it this way!

Well, it makes you scream and it makes you shout
It makes you wonder what it's all about
And if your head gets too hot from this blues
They give you parties so you can get loose
So they flew in this band that'll rock you off your shoes
With an awesome drummer, have you heard the news? - that's me

<chorus> 2x