To My Soul

by Ro Halfhide



Toplined over a track by Cy-Crow (MEX). I was doubting my relationship at the time, and the lyrics reflect this.
I first put a poem by T S Eliot as verse, but then I found out that's copyright infringement... so I skipped that and wrote some verses myself instead.


Laying on our bed
Crying all those tears
Have you done to my heart
Not so long ago?

Scary all those things
We’ve been doing
Looking at our love
Go to ruin
We just climbed so high
Just to get solo

Is this all the love
That I got when I started?
How come you give something
I know is half-hearted?
What about the love
That you once gave to my soul?

To my soul
To my soul
Your heart beats like a hammer
To my soul

When I’m in my room and I can't sleep
I sit alone and pray
For the love that would come my way

And I know
That someday you'll be passing by
I think about myself and I start to cry




released March 19, 2017
Ro Halfhide, Cy-Crow




Ro Halfhide Amsterdam, Netherlands

Ro Halfhide is here to Spread The Love by helping to build a community of singer-songwriters. Ro Halfhide does that with his songwriting, the openmic sessions he organizes, and a podcast for songwriters.

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