You Bring Me Home

by Ro Halfhide



This song I wrote some years ago, but I never finished the production. It's about love, how you can feel at home with the person whom you love, and who loves you back. How important it is to have someone who thinks you're very special...


You're an angel to me
Now I can see
You're my Queen Bee
Rule my life forever
You bring me home
No longer alone
Where my diamond had shone
but no eyes would care for

You bring me home
Where my heart always wanted to be
No longer alone
Because my life now makes sense and I want to stay with you for ever

Even talking to you
Is tickling me through
What shall I do
With this thirst for laughters
Is it heaven or hell
No one can tell
What kind I felt
When I touched your feathers


released April 15, 2017
All words & music by Ro Halfhide




Ro Halfhide Amsterdam, Netherlands

Ro Halfhide is here to Spread The Love by helping to build a community of singer-songwriters. Ro Halfhide does that with his songwriting, the openmic sessions he organizes, and a podcast for songwriters.

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